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Rename Expert is a file renaming tool with advanced options
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Rename Expert is a file renaming tool with advanced options. Designed to help you organize your data in your PC, Rename Expert offers a wide range of features to rename multiple files and folders in a simple and efficient way. It can help you batch rename all types of files and supports metadata for automatic renaming of media files and documents.

To get started, you need to locate the files or folders you want to rename. This can be done via the add files menu, by dragging and dropping, or simply by utilizing the program's explorer mode. You can also add files for renaming from the Explorer context menu. As you select files, you can set up filters to exclude items based on their name, file type, or keywords. The filter feature is a great way to limit unnecessary files from slowing down your operation.

The easiest and fastest way to rename your files is choosing an option from the Actions menu. You will be able to replace, swap, or insert text within a file name, change case, adjust numbers, change extension, etc. You can apply these actions to one or multiple files/folders and preview the new name in real time. These actions can be combined as you see fit and can also be saved as profiles for future use. Additionally, Rename Expert includes a restore option that allows you to undo any undesired changes.

Another interesting feature is that Rename Expert comes with a number of preset renaming functions in the form of templates, supporting functions such as inserting parent folder name, adding image dimensions at the end of image files, creating web-safe names, and Share-Point compliant names.

Overall, Rename Expert is an excellent program for anyone who needs to keep files and folders neatly organized. It easy to use and has polished interface that makes the renaming process simple and fast. The full version of the program has a price of $29.95 and the trial version works without restrictions on functionality.

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  • Lets you rename multiple files and folders in one step
  • Several renaming functions
  • Lots of templates with advanced renaming options
  • Possibility of automating renaming tasks


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